Castillo de Canena ‘First Day of Harvest’ 2015

Castillo de Canena ‘First Day of Harvest’ 2015


Castillo de Canena: First Day Harvest 2014 is the result of the very first milling of this season’s olive crop. This rare early harvest extra virgin olive oil delivers intense flavors and an accentuated fragrance to the senses, capturing the unique occasion when the first olives of the new season are collected, milled and the resulting oil is experienced for the first time.  Limited Production

First Day of Harvest 2015, Picual:

The oil is of a golden green color and its fragrance combines that of artichokes, mint, basil and rosemary. Its bold taste coats the palate with flavors that continue the herb theme plus hints of citrus fruit and green tomatoes with a peppery finish.


First Day of Harvest 2015, Arbequina:

This 100% Arbequina extra virgin olive oil has distinctive fruity qualities that combine with finesse to create complex aromas and flavors. The initial fragrance is of green apples, lemon peel and herbs which give way to tastes of ripe banana and bitter almonds, finished with gentle notes of spice.

This is the ninth occasion that the Vañó family has release a special edition First Day of Harvest oil to capture the very purest flavors of the olive crop. Each release has been commemorated with a unique bottle label, each designed by a different established name from Spain’s creative community.  This year’s label was created by Legendary Spanish Singer Raphael